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LIGHT OF THE WORLD INSPIRATION - Original Site of Anthony Den Hartog

Site dedicated to the messenger of God, Anthony Den Hartog (1933 - 2013) who the Lord used tremendously in raising me up in moments of spiritual Crisis.








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My name is Anthony den Hartog. In this hour of great confusion as to what the true Gospel is, I have set my self to writing what I call freedom voice letters.

                                                        Anthony (1933 - 2013) and wife Martha Den Hartog.


It is such a privilege to be a testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ who has called me into His service to be Light to the World. Our Father has called me out of the Hell of alcoholism and drug dependency into the glorious liberty of Life in Christ Jesus. You can read my testimony here.

    When you read my writings or listen to my messages on line you must know these lessons have not come to me via the knowledge of this world. All what is in these epistles and audio messages have come to me in the Silence of My own Being as I wait, listen and obey the Spirit of Christ Jesus. I acknowledge only One Spiritual Input which is the Holy Ghost--which teaches me all things and speaks of Jesus the only begotten of the Father.. As you read and listen you too will be taught from within, even though it may appear to come from an outer source such the letters and freedom audio's. There is an unction within all of us and it is time for us to abandon all religious rites and doctrine and be taught by the Holy One--whom you are in your true Identity. Blessings and I pray that you will develop to be a light in a crooked and perverse generation holding forth the Word of Life.

Listen to this Revelation as to what God is and man who is ITS OFFSPRING.

Love Tony and Martha.

Acknowledgements: I give thanks for several ministries that have inspirited me to find the deeper things of God. Here are some of the men that helped me a great deal through reading and studying their writings.

1. Walter C. Lanyon, who showed me how to see the deeper things of life.

2. Joel Goldsmith gave me the secret to Spiritual healing and knowing God aright.

Let me know the result after you have heard the Voice of the Son thunder in your midst. Many are healed as they hear the living Word speak. It is wonderful! If you like to be on our mailing list please send me an email.

Martha den Hartog,
16 Highview Road,
Ferny Creek,
Victoria 3786,